Requirement Analysis in System Development

Requirement Analysis in System Development

System Development is very important part of business expansion and especially when you feel that your system is outdated. There are many aspects of system development. We need to analysis each and every aspect to better understand the need of the client and to develop a better system. So the process of Require Analysis starts when client came to us and ask us to design a better system for him.

Stockholder’s Interview

This is the quite important part of the Requirement analysis. Because half of the things that we have to sort out in ground level, which we know from Stockholder’s Interview. When we communicate with client to better understand his problem with previous system then we figure out the task in our hand. We ask question that we need to know like what you want to add in new system? What you want to remove? Etc.

Previous System Study

After talking Stockholder’s Interview, our next step is to take system study. So we start system study, we perform different type of operations on the system and try to find out the more problem that system has been causing. The main concern of this step is to understand, prioritise the kind of modification has to make.

Previous system study can be divided into sub task, because it’s a quite complex process and to understand the working of system and to design new prototype this step is necessary.

Architectural Study

In this Sub task, we study the system from the architectural point of view i.e. which architecture of codes is used within the system and understand which change can make an appropriate solution so that it doesn’t ruin the existing system.

Structural Study

In this Sub task, we analysis the structure i.e. directory structure and database of the system and ensure that the change made in the structure and database don’t disturb the actual intension of the system.

Behavioral Study

In this Section We understand the behavior of a particular process, sub process, action and thread, to determine the overall behavior of the Virtual machine so that we can figure out which block of code need modification.

Functional Study

In This Section we study working of each and every module i.e. Functions that need to change and to resolve the problem regarding the functionality of the particular function. We ensure that the function is giving the desired output to solve particular problem, whether it belonged to logic or the configuration of structure

Performance Study

In this study we determine whether performance is not going slow with the change we made on the core functionality and data structure of the system. We determine the better way to solve a particular problem, so that it takes less time and performance increase.

Design Study

Design Study deals with the UI design of the System, we analysis whether a particular element in the User Interface is working fine with the function and action we’ve assigned to them. The made in UI is necessary because it took response from users and give response in return.

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