Web Marketing on LinkedIn Company Page

Web Marketing on LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is a B2B Marketing Ecosystem rather than a professional social networking website that has been holding the professional record of the individuals who are working in different Industries. If you’re running n enterprise or even recruiting a newbie or looking for a job, LinkedIn is a better place to start with. Main purpose of having a LinkedIn Account is to make B2B connection with company’s representatives, fellow workers and Individuals, to get better human resources, opportunity and create social awareness of the company. Most of the multinational as well as local companies are joining this platform to build their brand reputation globally and to do some business.

Microsoft has recently purchased LinkedIn and LinkedIn Corporation is running under Microsoft Corporations. LinkedIn has also owned Slideshare.net and Lynda.com and they are also popular like LinkedIn. SlideShare.net is more popular among the professional to publish PDF Files and Office Presentation with public users.

While Lynda.com is more popular among Learners and individuals who want to grab new skill, because it has been providing online courses free with LinkedIn Premium account since last couple of years.

LinkedIn and Web Marketing

LinkedIn is very beneficial tool to do business online with B2B Clients. Most of the people research on LinkedIn before applying for a job or buying services from the company. They find the n-degree connection individual who is working in that company and thus they figure out about the working strategy and work culture of the company. But LinkedIn provide much more than it. A researcher can view the content posted by company and article written by Social Media Representative of company to know about the vision and work Quality of the Company.

How LinkedIn Help You?

LinkedIn Corporation has developed the tools and platform within LinkedIn or that can be embedded with LinkedIn to better showcase. You can create a company page in LinkedIn. To do so, you must have the emailed of company (Created with company’s domain name i.e. representive-name@your-company.com) that has not been registered with other Company Page in LinkedIn before. If you’ve more than one company under an affiliate Company You can register with email Id with company’s sub domain (representive-name@sub-domain.your-company.com) under same domain.

Apart from LinkedIn Company Page you can create a Showcase Page that act as the Department Page for the Company.

Marketing Tools

LinkedIn Provide lots of Marketing Tools in its platform. You can arrange an Advertising campaign (which is a paid service) to sponsor your post directly and you can add some people who can sponsor your Company Page and its content. You can search for marketing eBooks and guides that LinkedIn Updates from time to time.


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