Apple’s New Advt. on Fitness, Photography and Water Resistance

Apple’s New Advt. on Fitness, Photography and Water Resistance

For its iPhone 7 Apple Watch 2, Apple has released a series of new ads highlighting some of their new features, like low light photography and water resistance. 

Midnight, the first ad, shows a teenager with his phone, who is out on a late night excursion clicking pictures along his way of the moths, a deer and the city, highlighting the phone’s improved camera system.

Morning Ride, the second ad, shows the phone’s strength as it is water resistant, where during a heavy rainstorm, a biker gears up for a bike ride.

The third ad, Go Time, for the Apple Watch 2 focuses on the company’s doubling down on the fact that a lot of people are wearing them as fitness trackers, showing people using this device while running, swimming, trying to be on time.

Apple’s series in everything changes within a frequent time period, which shows the way for others to advance well on stage and time, out-smarting everyone with its premium products of design and technology. It can be said as the Apple fever, to those who have been accustomed to its products, and also get very excited after their every new launch, while wanting to feel and use whatever Apple has made. Such is the charisma and position of Apple, that none of its product ever goes out without breaking sales record. This approach of them exactly showcases why they are the toppers of their field, i.e. ever-changing. 

One thought on “Apple’s New Advt. on Fitness, Photography and Water Resistance

  1. Apple’s product like iPhone and Watch 2 are very cool. Finally Apple is launching iPhone 7 with water resistance feature. Next time if it will accidentally fall in water, one can claim to have free repair service for that phone.

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