Is your Android device getting old? Here are tips for making it blazing-fast.

Is your Android device getting old? Here are tips for making it blazing-fast.

Have you ever noticed why does your Android device slow down?

Android earned bad name after those initial months for not working consistently as before. Apple’s iOS might be one of the smoothest operating systems in the world but one’s fingers are tied when it comes to customizing the OS. On the other hand, Android lets the user stay in control, with even a choice to select minute details like off-screen navigation buttons.

It is without a doubt, the choice of every control freak, but with a greater sacrifice, and in this case it’s performance. This is list of tis how you can stay control on your speed of device.

Shift your apps to SD card: – One of the biggest reasons behind misbehaving Android device is jam-packed internal storage. A lot of applications can be shifted to SD card, the user can also format the SD card as internal storage. This will be a huge boon for people who have their old phone with limited storage.

Another one way to free some of internal storage is to clear the cache from the settings menu. For doing you have to follow these steps settings—storage—internal storage – cached data then click on clear catche to free internal storage space. To trace the battery sucker on your phone, you have to follow these steps – settings – battery – battery usage history. Here you can trace the power consumption of different apps as well as the power percentage used by various components by system. The pattern of battery consumption also reflects the processing power it is taking up.

Get rid form useless widgets because they are constantly active. They provide lot of information but also take so much of from our RAM. These widgets also slow booting time of your device. Sometime you have noticed an absurd drop in battery percentage even your phone once is on standby. This strange drop can be attributed to the constantly syncing accounts on your phone. The operating system is designed to update itself during the sleep- hours. To turn sync off then follow these steps – settings – accounts – sync and turn off the Auto Sync toggle.


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