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Google to Boost Cloud Services by Adding Data Centres

Google to Boost Cloud Services by Adding Data Centres

Google has announced to open a new Google Cloud Region, in a fresh move to offer secured and improved cloud services to Indian developers and enterprise customers, that is expected to go live in 2017 in Mumbai.

The company over announcing the Google Cloud Regions at an event in San Francisco titled Horizon, revealed 8 locations of the new Cloud Regions, that included Mumbai, London, Northern Virginia, Singapore, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Finland and Frankfurt.

As per Google’s statement, the local region would help Google Cloud Platform services to work faster for the Indian customers which will enhance differentiators, while motivating companies to choose Google as their partner.

Google Cloud has gained significant traction in India, with more than one billion end users totalling across the world.

Snap Inc (formerly SnapChat), Niantic Labs (Pokemon Go), Telus International, and Evernote are globally the key customers already leveraging the benefits of Google Cloud Platform.

The company statement said, “In India too, we have seen great customer momentum with thousands of customers including major brands like Wipro, Ashok Leyland, Smartshift by Mahindra and Mahindra, Dainik Bhaskar Group and building on Google Cloud Platform”.

Google Cloud Platform utilises the infrastructure, machine learning and networking services that power Google services and makes them available to businesses and developers, so that high performance applications and data analysis are build at lower costs.

For the Indian startup community is on the growing verge, Cloud Platform approach has the full stack of services to build, test and deploy their applications.

Vice president, Google Cloud, Brian Stevens said, as expanding to new regions, our key is to deliver higher performance to customers. In recent expansion, up to 80 per cent improvement in latency was resulted for customers in Oregon. He said, that we look forward to welcome customers to the new Cloud Regions when they become publicly available in 2017.

While focusing on Indian customers, Google continues to build its partner ecosystem to support customers when they move to the cloud.

With the opening of the cloud region, comes new opportunities for several of the new cloud partners who would benefit from building their services on Google Cloud.

Also Google unveiled G Suite at the event Horizon, which is a set of intelligent apps like G-mail, Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Calendar and more, that would bring people together, with a collaborating built-in from the start.

Kings of Indian E-Business

Kings of Indian E-Business

In this article I’ll let you know about the successful E-business in India. This List is Included the name of International firms to some local Indian Start-ups who has founded a million dollar company. So, I’ll Begin with the Names of Multinational Companies.

Amazon India

Founded by Jeff Benoz in April 1995, in Seattle, WA, United States, Amazon is the biggest E-retailer in the world and it has been selling to more than 3 Asian, 6 European, 3 North American, 1 South American and 1 Oceanic Countries. Amazon is selling in India Since June 2013 and it’s the most selling one E-commerce in India, with more than millions of products that has been also importing in India and exported to other Amazon Retailer Platforms. It has covered the largest part of Indian E-commerce business. It has recently launch prime service for 1000 Indian cities in last week of July.

  • Cash on Delivery: Selected Products
  • Free Delivery: Selected Products
  • Additional Cash back: Not Available
  • One Day Delivery: Selected Products
  • Pickup option: Available

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E-business solutions to take your business online

E-business solutions to take your business online

E-business is one of the common things happening around, from a salesman of departmental store to owner of big multinational companies like Amazon and eBay are selling online today. But these multinationals has different strategy for doing business online. It is not necessary that you may have to own an E-commerce website to do online business. But having a e-commerce means you have more opportunity to let your customer know. Now there are more E-business solutions for the entrepreneurs who want to sell their product online. But before knowing more about E-business solution you must know about what exactly E-business and how this word derived.
What is E-Business?
E-business just like e-mail is combination of two words “E” for electronic and rest is Business, an alternative term used for e-commerce, which means you’ve to use electronic medium or platform to do business online. For that you’ve to setup an electronic medium i.e. a platform that can always stay active in internet in general case E-commerce websites are known as medium for E-business or E-commerce.
Just like other business in the world we have to deal with customers, sell them a material or non-material think for sake of making some fortune. There is so much thing that we may need to plan before creating an E-business solutions.
Requirement of E-business Solutions
• First we’ve to see the required space, in case of E-business you don’t need to care much about this if you’re buying a hosting plane. But if you’re doing server hosting by yourself than you may need to plan every hardware thing, from your computer memory to your storage capacity, all of this matter when we build a system, probably a server in this case.
• Second thing that we need to care about is the software configuration, i.e. if your software suite is suitable for the web server and if it’s not suitable than you may look forward to which software suite will replace it. Most Web engineers prefer Linux rather than Windows when it came to a web server.
• Third Thing that prefers most is the platform you’re choosing. I’ll consider here php, which is most recommended platform for creating dynamic website, to form a LAMP stack. You need to configure it along with the web server software like Apache httpd server and MySQL database server (most recommended RDBMS), in case if you want to replace RDBMS with big data you can choose over Apache Cassandra and Apache Hadoop.
• After that you may have to plan your e-business solution on the basic of scope and limitations of your business, i.e. if you’re planning to sell a service instead of selling a material thing it you may have to create an appointment system and if you’re selling goods you may need to develop a delivery system.
Open Source E-Business Solution:
You can also choose an Open source E-business solutions like Magento and open cart, but you should have knowledge about basic programming concept to develop very basic e-commerce solutions. If you want to really want to get your business into these platforms you may need to hire an IT professional.