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Tag: Google to Boost Cloud Services by Adding Data Centres

Google to Boost Cloud Services by Adding Data Centres

Google to Boost Cloud Services by Adding Data Centres

Google has announced to open a new Google Cloud Region, in a fresh move to offer secured and improved cloud services to Indian developers and enterprise customers, that is expected to go live in 2017 in Mumbai.

The company over announcing the Google Cloud Regions at an event in San Francisco titled Horizon, revealed 8 locations of the new Cloud Regions, that included Mumbai, London, Northern Virginia, Singapore, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Finland and Frankfurt.

As per Google’s statement, the local region would help Google Cloud Platform services to work faster for the Indian customers which will enhance differentiators, while motivating companies to choose Google as their partner.

Google Cloud has gained significant traction in India, with more than one billion end users totalling across the world.

Snap Inc (formerly SnapChat), Niantic Labs (Pokemon Go), Telus International, and Evernote are globally the key customers already leveraging the benefits of Google Cloud Platform.

The company statement said, “In India too, we have seen great customer momentum with thousands of customers including major brands like Wipro, Ashok Leyland, Smartshift by Mahindra and Mahindra, Dainik Bhaskar Group and building on Google Cloud Platform”.

Google Cloud Platform utilises the infrastructure, machine learning and networking services that power Google services and makes them available to businesses and developers, so that high performance applications and data analysis are build at lower costs.

For the Indian startup community is on the growing verge, Cloud Platform approach has the full stack of services to build, test and deploy their applications.

Vice president, Google Cloud, Brian Stevens said, as expanding to new regions, our key is to deliver higher performance to customers. In recent expansion, up to 80 per cent improvement in latency was resulted for customers in Oregon. He said, that we look forward to welcome customers to the new Cloud Regions when they become publicly available in 2017.

While focusing on Indian customers, Google continues to build its partner ecosystem to support customers when they move to the cloud.

With the opening of the cloud region, comes new opportunities for several of the new cloud partners who would benefit from building their services on Google Cloud.

Also Google unveiled G Suite at the event Horizon, which is a set of intelligent apps like G-mail, Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Calendar and more, that would bring people together, with a collaborating built-in from the start.